Family Is A Scary Thing

Everyone belongs to a family. People from all walks of life have unique perceptions of what the nature and definition of family is. I think one apt common denominator in the world's view of family is that it is quite a precarious relational structure. In the bible, I observe that familial ties are all tangled… Continue reading Family Is A Scary Thing


Made To Hate His Image

His image I can never smear it away I’m permanently stained With brown eyes, brown skin, wide nose, long chin, A voice, walk, and even thoughts like his The list goes on… It’s not like I hate who I am But sometimes I do struggle not to hate what I am… His son. Because now that I’m… Continue reading Made To Hate His Image


Insecurity is something that we all face on some level at some time. Unfortunately, the consequences of insecurity ruling the heart and mind are very clear to me. I’m writing on this subject out of my own journey regarding addiction and extreme anxiety and insecurity. Although insecurity is something that can be overcome, I believe… Continue reading Insecurity