The Good News We’re Missing

A gospel focused on personal salvation is partial at best. I believe that presenting a gospel focused solely on personal salvation is harmful to God’s purposes, because it produces Christians who are satisfied with far less than God’s ultimate plan. His ultimate plan is that mankind would come to know and declare to all creatures… Continue reading The Good News We’re Missing


Misusing Our Faith

We're all tempted to interpret biblical text in a way that fits our mindset because everyone inevitably has presuppositions on any given subject. The only problem with that is our hearts and souls are infected with pride and we try to allow our presuppositions to trump the transcendent truths in scripture. For example, I've listened… Continue reading Misusing Our Faith

Making Some Major Changes

Technology. It's just so very boring (to me) in many aspects, at least the development stages of it. I much prefer the enjoyment of technology. Albeit, I believe in this day and age, if anyone's work demands them to be busy connecting with people, they should be a little tech-savvy. Technology is the main mode of communication in… Continue reading Making Some Major Changes

God is in the details

Paying attention to the wider implications or contexts of things that are said is absolutely necessary, in order to develop well-rounded comprehension skill. Any statement without a context is a pretext and can be given whatever meaning an individual hearer or reader wants it to mean. I know details are not always very intriguing but it's literally one of the… Continue reading God is in the details

Message To Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers

The scripture is clear, it is not age that brings wisdom but the Spirit of God.There is no legitimate correlation between gray hair and a wise heart, or youthfulness and wisdom. It saddens me to see and hear evidences of subtle age-prejuidice among God's people. It's disappointing to observe Millennials talk disparagingly about older generations,… Continue reading Message To Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers

A Needy & Callous Christian

Contrary to popular belief, narcissists aren't always easy to spot, because not all of them are selfish, shallow, vain, or hungry for prestige. There are other types of narcissists that don't have the “symptoms” most narcissists are understood to have. Some are needy and callous narcissists that present with very different behaviors. In fact, they can appear… Continue reading A Needy & Callous Christian

A Lifetime of Waiting

In many cultures around the world people are taught, almost from birth, to expend themselves toward constant work or expect unearned instant gratification. It's a rarity  to find individuals trained to be still,  humble, and lead a quiet life in the presence of the Lord. Accomplishment is defined by running and spinning, searching and grasping,… Continue reading A Lifetime of Waiting