Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead

Folkloric conceptions of witches fail to give true depictions of what they’re really like and who they are. All witches aren’t green-skinned hags, standing over a large block pot, mixing magical potions, and casting demonic spells on souls that they abhor.

In the bible, one of the terms used for witchcraft is the Greek word, perierga, which literally means “practicing sorcery” or “practicing curious things.” This word is made up of two Greek words: peri (perimeter) and erga (energy). Understanding the two root words for this term, perierga, is instructive to understanding that one dimension of what the bible defines as witchcraft or sorcery is manipulation.

I want to address this particular, perierga, dynamic of witchcraft.

Manipulation manifests itself in different ways on different days. It’s understood that perimeter represents circumference or the distance around something and perierga is the act of manipulating the natural energies or work required to go the distance around something.

One example of perierga at work is when Christians who want to get 20 years of spiritual maturity during a weekend faith and leadership conference. That’s a desire to go around the work and I believe that is a desire for magic. Thus, one is thinking like a witch. Other examples of perierga could be a totalitarian leader who intimidates those subject to him, in order to accomplish his goal abnormally fast.

The world is filled with people whose thinking is possessed or oppressed by the spirit of perierga or witchcraft. Witchcraft is any desire or action charged with manipulation, intimidation, and control. The biblical character, “Jezebel”, is often used as an example of a woman with a spirit like a witch. But I don’t merely believe she was like a witch but she was a witch. The truth is you, me, and anyone could just as well be like or become witches, if we don’t guard our hearts with God’s Word.

Witchcraft and subsets of witchcraft have risen to power in the world’s culture, and sadly, are infiltrating the lives of God’s own people. Witchcraft can manifest as a blatant and full blown embrace of demonic powers, but it also has its more subtle forms. Perierga can plague and destroy the mind of vulnerable human beings that are fallen from God’s glory.  We need the glory of God in Christ Jesus to give us a discerning and authoritative  spirit that can perceive and destroy witchcraft.

I was inspired to write this post because recently the Lord brought to my attention ways in which I’ve been thinking like a witch. The holy sword of God, His Word, the Truth, pierced and killed those demonic thought patterns that were trying to ensnare my life. Hence, ding dong the witch is dead! Brothers, sisters in Christ,  according to the bible, we can not allow any hint of witchcraft in your life. Let’s be vigilant over our spirit and ensure that witch-like thinking has no place.


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