I’ve Got The Joy

I’ve heard it said humor is merely the evolutionary result of highly developed chemicals in our brain reacting to stimuli, but I beg to differ. Humor is out of this world and vastly more complex than nerve-endings. Humor is a gift from God and He gave it to us for the sole purpose of our enjoyment. What’s more, in His holy and righteous being, God Himself is the essence of humor.

I’ve never heard a sermon, read a theology book or blog that discusses God’s humor as one of his immutable characteristics, but I think it is. Unless we see God’s humor, I’m not sure we’ll totally relate with him as fully as He longs for us to. It saddens me that some individuals and even entire people groups, such as several Eastern countries, fail to see the virtue of humor.

Modern sciences have proven that good sense of humor is a sign of mental health and social grace. What’s more, God’ Word reveals that humor is a sign of spiritual life. Humor is not necessarily comical genius, it’s a social interest in adding a sense of amusement or making light of the issues of life, talking about things in an unusual or imaginative way, and allowing ourselves to be delighted by humor.

My personality type is not naturally a humorously inclined one and if I’m not careful my life can become completely void of humor. Beyond what is natural or “involuntary humor,” I have learn to practice the art of living a life with laughter, smiles, and outbursts of joy. I long for laughter to sweep through my soul today and everyday. Jesus laughed. God laughs.Why shouldn’t I? Why shouldn’t you?

We ought not to feel irreverent about laughter, smiling, dancing, singing and being swept away in the sweet ecstasy of humor.


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